External Drive Threaded, Non-captive and Captive Linear Stepper Motors

09, Jun, 2013

Stepper Motor Linear Actuators

Wikipedia gives out a definition of linear actuator: Linear Actuator is an actuator, in contrast to the circular motion of a conventional electric motor(stepper motor), that creates motion in a straight line. Linear actuators are used in machine tools and industrial machinery, in valves and dampers, and in many other applications where linear motion is required.
RobotDigg is professional on Stepper Motor Linear Actuators: External Shaft, Non-captive Shaft and Captive Shaft. In many places where precisely control is needed, stepper motor linear actuator can replace the hydraulic actuators and pneumatic actuators.

RobotDigg offers line of stepper motor linear actuators in sizes: NEMA8, NEMA11, NEMA14, NEMA17, NEMA23 and NEMA34. The unique point of a RobotDigg stepper motor linear actuator is the NUT. RobotDigg produce no maintenance NUT and Anti-backlash Nut which improves the motor and the leadscrew life 5-10 times than the conventional bronze nut.
RobotDigg has a range of NEMA17 Captive Motor Linear Steppers which are high performance as Haydon Kerk and very competitive in prices.
RobotDigg Stepper Motor Linear Actuator