Classic 3040 high precision solder paste stencil printer



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High Precision 3040 PCB Solder Paste Stencil Printer

This is the most traditional size and classic high precision Solder Paste Stencil Printer for PCBs. The platform can be rotated 30 degrees at most, and the precision can be kept all the way when repeat works. Easy to locate PCB board, high flexibility ensure high printing precision.The brackets using the bolt bar to adjust the height, convenient for controlling the thickness of PCB.
Note, Stencil plate and frame is customized for your own PCBs which is Not included. The picture is only for ref.

Technical Parameters
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) 580*320*259(mm)
Platform Size 300*400(mm)
PCB Size 270*370(mm)
Stencil Size 370*470(mm)
Platform Height 180mm
PCB Positioning Mode Outside/ Reference Hole
Weight 12.7kg

Neoden PM3040, Charmhigh Stencil Printer 3040, ZB-3040
3040 stencil printer

Recommended Mass Production Line
3040 solder paste printer+Desktop Pick and Place Machine+T962 reflow soldering oven

Metal handle solder paste squeegee PLEASE purchase separately
Scraper-20R is Rubber contact which is good performance but worn out faster.
Scraper-20S is stainless steel contact is good but leak solder paste if uneven force by hand.
solder paste printer scraper

Stir Knife for solder paste SK-5IN
solder paste stir knife

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