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Embedded PC Desktop Pick and Place Machine

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Desktop Pick and Place Machine CHMT36 SMT Full Automatic Machine
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Model: CHMT36
PCB area: 10mm*10mm - 360mm*410mm
X Y Z Axis moving range: 400*460*15mm
Nozzle quantity:2 PCS
Feeders: 29 Feeders (8MM=22pcs, 12MM=4pcs, 16MM=2pcs, 24MM=1pcs)
Front IC tray:  = 8pcs
Speed: 6000cph ( highest 7200cph)
Precision: ±0.025mm
Size: 0402-5050, SOP,QFN ( width: 8mm, 12mm,16mm,24mm)
Dimension: L 960mm*W 705mm*H 335mm
vacuum air pump: -92KPa( in-built ) mute type pump
air pump:2pcs ( in-built ) mute type pump
voltage: 220V or (110V), 50/60Hz
Power: 200W
Weight: 65kg
volume: 0.41m³

CHMT36 is especially developed for research laboratories and small medium manufacturing enterprises and makers. It's suitable for small batch production, laboratory research and development, product sample trials, LED SMT processing and other similar processes.
1. Top Vision Camera to Identify PCB and Types of Components, Optimised Data with Programs File
2. Bottom Camera Check each components before placements, it can check correct types of components, correct angle, correct direction, flip components and wrong pick Up, Missedcomponents.
3. Vision system sending inspected data and feedback to Programming processor, Programming Processor give optimised command to machine get the correct and 100% ensured Placements.
4. Two Mounting Heads Provide high Throughput on High Mix Products .

1. Placements Accuracy ±0.025mm for SMT/LED Components
2. Correct teaching of PCB Origin, Components Locations identifications and Nozzles Centring
3. On the Head Vacuum Detection system to detect components
4. High Quality & Spring Loaded Pick Up Nozzles to get the pickup Flexibility of sensitive components
5. Integrated Components Reel Rack Slots and Holder
6. Max PCB Size: 350mm x 350mm
7. Lowest PCB Size: 10mm x 10mm
8. 20mm Components Height give flexibility for placements all types of components
9. Components Handling Capacity from 0402 to 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 1812, 2010, 2512, 3216, DO-214, SOT23, SOT-89
10. Chip Tantalum Capacitors C-form(6032), D-form(7343) etc. package components11
12. High Placements Speed up to 7200 Components/Hour
1314. Placements Angle from 0-360Deg Cent
15. Removable 8GB Memory Card for Back of Programs and Interface with Laptop or Desktop Computer
16. Fully Touch Screen Operational Panel for easy Operation

Competitive Advantage:
CHMT36 is suitable for small batch production, laboratory research and development, product sample trials, LED SMT processing and other similar processes.
1) Laser positioner, easy for online programming, no need external computer.
2)  Self vacuum testing,  if one component suck crooked, will throw to the deposit area, then re-pick and place again.
3) Dual pick and place head design helps increase output, 2pcs Juki nozzles, change quickly and easy.
4) Dual built-in mute type pumps (cost and room saving, no need to prepare additional pump)
5) Standard 8G SD card, mass storage of CSV working file
6) Full touch screen interface input/output, easy operation  
7) Integrated Automatic Feeders, Automatic Nylon Spool Wheel  
8) Support single step, easy operation.
9) Able to mount 0402,0603,0805-5050,SO-8-SO-16, SOT-23, SOT-89, TO-252 packages .
Tracking cross adjustment
With tracking cross adjustment, can assemble more accurate
Z axis detection
Z axis detection can self-checking the height and angle during placement. make sure machine work perfectly with different kinds of components. nozzles are Juki,  magnet inside, use your finger can remove it down, no need wrench , very convenient.
PCB holding area
Can hold PCB size 360*410mm, suitable for various kinds of PCB assembly
Front IC Bulk material area
8pcs Front Bulk IC stack, suitable for some bulk ICs, more convenient.
9 kinds of different Juki nozzle supported
High precision placement
Machine can install 501-508 kinds of Juki nozzles
Able to mount 0201,0402,0603,0805-5050,SOP,QFN,LQFP144,all kinds of IC, and diode, triode…
  Standard Accessories for CHMT36: 
1) SMT Desktop Pick and Place Machine CHMT36*1
2) Juki Nozzle*4 (503, 504, 505, 506).
3) SD Card*1
4) SD Card reader*1
5) Pull pins: 2
6) Coil for pull pin:1
7) Hex wrench: 6
8) Tweezers: 1
9) Brush: 1
10) English user manual: 1
Package Weight: 70.0kg
Package Size: 108cm*80cm*52cm
Packing: Wooden Carton

Recommended Mass Production Line

High Precision Printer+Desktop Pick and Place Machine+Channel reflow oven

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