NEMA14 34mm 0.8A or 1.25A stepper motor



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NEMA14 34mm long Huxley Stepper Motor

Order No.: 14HY0006.PDF or 14HY0007.PDF

It's RobotDigg's honor that the nema14 stepper motor is FoldaRap's choice.

Reprap Huxley, Handy Nema14 stepper motor.
Two Phase 4 lead wires
200 steps per revolution (1.8 deg/step)
Option of Rated Current: 0.8A and 1.25A
Option of Rated Voltage: 4.6V and 2.3V
Holding torque: and
Shaft diameter: 5mm 0.188 inch; (3/16 inch;)
Shaft length: 22mm
Motor depth: 34mm

We offer NEMA14 34mm long stepper motor in two options: 0.8A, for low speed(we suggest under 100rpm) and 1.25A, for high speed(300rpm).
0.8A nema14 34mm stepper motor has better performance in low speed and 1.25A has more torque output in high speed.
Stock Item-Nema14 35mm size 34mm depth stepper motor.

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