Harmonic drive reducer with stepper motor or BLDC motor



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Harmonic Drive Reducer for NEMA17 or NEMA23

NEMA17 or NEMA23 stepper motor with harmonic drive reducer for compact application where a hollow shaft stepper motor's Torque can Not meet.
STEP files for the harmonic reducer are available.
The harmonic drive reducer can also be mounted onto BLDC motors nema17 and nema23 sizes.
Harmonic Drive NEMA17 Stepper

harmnonic reducer stepper motor

Stepper motorized harmonic drive unit is optional for the rotary table in some fields, scientific instruments as an example.
Harmonic Drive Stepper Motor
Stepper Motorized Harmonic Reducer

For BLDC Motor with a harmonic drive reducer, please send us an email for a quote.
Stepper Motor Harmonic Reducer
Tilt head
Foldback belt-driven stepper motorized harmonic drive actuator.
Foldback Stepper Motorized Actuator

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