Open simulator SFX-100 aluminum extrusion kit



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Aluminum Extrusion for Linear Actuator

Motion Sim Platform can be 3 DOF, 4 DOF, 6 DOF and so on, the Servo Motor Cylinder or Linear Actuator is the core part.
The SFX-100 Actuator is an open source design that you can build yourself. The aluminum extrusion is specially designed as the enclosure of the ball screw and hollow shaft to be mounted onto the 750 watt Servo Motor.
SFX-100 Actuator
Note: the aluminum extrusion kit does Not come with Servo Motor, Ball Screw, Hollow Shaft, Coupling, Linear Bearing, etc.

The aluminum extrusion kit has two color options, the original color is silver. M14*1.5 depth 20mm screw holes are tapped already, 4 pcs as one set for the SFX-100 Servo Cylinder.
Step down M14 to M8 or M14 to M10 screws 32pcs are needed for mounting.
M8*40 and M10*35 cup head screw, each size 32pcs are required.

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