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Flight Simulator OpenCockpit G1000 Suite

The Wefly OpenCockpit G1000 Suite is a high quality, ultra realistic hardware interface for your flight simulator. The suite includes the G1000 PFD, MFD and GMA audio panel. The PFD and MFD each contain a dedicated IPS 10.4" wide view angle high quality HDMI display and backlit buttons. The system connects to your PC via a USB and HDMI cable and comes pre-loaded with the Wefly OpenCockpit drivers for easy plug-and-play operation (no configuration required).
Works with X-Plane v11, MSFS 2020, P3D*, and FSX*
Ultra-realistic backlit silicone rubber buttons
High quality tactile knobs
Simple USB and HDMI connection. If you do not have 2 spare HDMI connections available on your PC, consider an HDMI to USB-3 adapter.
Fully assembled and configured
Dedicated HDMI, IPS high brightness displays with 1024x768 resolution
The G1000 suite can be easily mounted into an existing panel, or used with the Wefly OpenCockpit desktop stand. Please note that the desktop stand is not included. This product will not stand up - it needs to be stand or panel mounted.
This is the most affordable, highest quality and most realistic G1000 simulation system available.

The following are photos for reference which are mounted onto a flight simulator.
WEFLY OpenCockpit G1000 Suite
Open Flight Simulator

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