Non-captive NEMA23 Stepper Motor Ball Screw Linear Actuator



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Ball screw non-captive linear stepper

NEMA23 23HS4404 Non-captive Stepper Motor
1204 rolled ball screw with machine end, can be customized
Planetary gear alike gearhead with ball screw nut built-in for non-captive linear motion
ball screw non-captive nema23 linear stepper

After a time of evaluation and we decide to change the design of the Non-captive Ball Screw Stepper Motor size from NEMA17 to NEMA34
A larger bore hollow shaft and a plate in front which is used to mount the ball screw nut onto it as Converter
Ball Screw Non-captive Linear Stepper
It's very important that do Not remove the ball screw out of the stepper or work beyond the stroke.
Improper handling will damage the ball screw linear actuator system, bearing ball drop from the ball screw nut can Not be repaired.
non-captive ball screw linear

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