1mm or 3mm heatshrink tubing 200 meters

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Heatshrink Tubing

1mm or 3mm heat shrink tubing 200 meters a roll
Transverse shrinkage: ≥50%
Longitudinal shrinkage: ≤8%
Shrinkage temperature: 80 centi
Temperature levels: 125 centi
Rated voltage: 600V
Material: Cold retardant PC
Features: It has excellent flame retardant, environmental protection, insulation, soft, stable performance, low shrink temperature, shrinkage and quicker;
Applications: mainly used for wire connection, solder joint protection, wire ends of the harness, electronics protection and insulation treatment, metal parts and surface protection, related products, rust, corrosion treatment, wire and other products, such as identification.
Installation: uniform baking hot air gun in seconds, it can also be lighter, hair dryer in place, when the operation should be Room note to be fast, short.
Usage: cable insulation protection, solder, wire end processing, the insulation resistance of the capacitor protection Protection, wire markers and end anti-corrosion metal rod tubes, antenna protection.

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