PLATO-170 DIY Electronic Diagonal Pliers Side Cutting Nippers Wire Cutter



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DIY Electronic Diagonal Plier

Shear cutters last longer than traditional cutting pliers because the cutting surfaces do not touch one another. Narrow cutting head provides greater access into intricate areas They are slightly offset, producing a bypass cutting action. These flush jewelry cutters also require less effort than standard cutters Includes a leaf spring and measures 5" overall with a 7/16" jaw blade length.
.- Shape: Flush Shear
.- Overall Length: 5"- 127 mm
.- Blade length: 7/16"
Max Cut = 1mm Copper Wire
Very Sharp Blades (Ideal for easy cutting)
5" inches total length
Lap Joint
Rubber Comfort Grips for superior grip and precision
DIY Diagonal Plier

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