48V DC 300W or 400W high speed spindle



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48VDC air cooling spindle motor

ER11 Spindle Motor
Spindle motor : Brushless DC motor
Voltage : 12-48VDC motor
Power : 300W
Speed : 3000-12000r/min (12V-3000 turn,24V-6000 turn,36V-9000 turn,48V-12000 turn,)
Torque : 400mN.m
Insulation resistance : >2 megohms
Dielectric strength : 400V
Diameter : 52mm
Axis collet length : 35mm
Axis collet diameter : 16mm
Motor length : 175mm (inculding gripping parts and motor )
Spindle radial runout : about 0.01-0.04
Package content : 1pcs ER11 48V 300W spindle motor

ER11 Collet and Clamping Nut are available.

400W spindle for PCB or wood working milling and drilling.

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