Portable Mini Oil Skimmer CNC Steel Belt Oil Scraper Degreaser Oil-Water Separator

220VAC 14W
13L/H 50mm
220VAC 28W
45L/H 100mm


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Portable steel belt oil skimmer

To operate this product correctly, and have the best performance, please read carefully before using the oil skimmer.
For manual or using a mobile phone can use WeChat to scan the QR code to check the installation video.
The working principle of this portable oil skimmer is to install it above the reservoir, made of quality stainless steel ring steel belt
Using the surface tension between oil and water, the physical properties of affinity will be stranded in the main liquid form
A layer of oil adsorption on the surface of the steel strip, cycle drain oil equipment.
Functional condition
The lord liquid, water-soluble liquid density 1.0 above, more than 1.0 cp viscosity, surface tension more than 70 DGN/cm.
Discharge oil: oil under the specific gravity of 0.9, 40 DGN/cm below the surface tension.
Heat resistance and chemical resistance: this equipment is in the oil recovery of steel strips with excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance
According to the principle of recycling, adhesion can follow the liquid temperature and lower recovery rate, so please control the liquid temperature under 70 ℃, and the water PH value between PH3 to 11 to achieve the best performance.
Belt oil skimmer JY-50T

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