Fully automatic corrugated pipe or rubber tube cutting machine



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Desktop pipe or tube cutter

This machine can be used for cutting round plastic hoses and corrugated tubes, with high processing efficiency and stability.
This machine is specially developed and designed to process corrugated tubes in the automotive wiring harness industry. It has a high degree of PLC control and simple operation. It is easy to operate and understand.
It uses a stepper motor to feed the material, which has the characteristics of stable feeding and accurate length.
Model Precision type
Control system PLC plus human-machine interface
Cutting method Motor cutting
Stroke 30mm
Power supply 220V 50-60HZ
Power 300W
Cutting diameter 05-030mm (30-55 can be customized)
Length error Cutting length ±1%
Cutting speed 10-60 pieces/minute (depending on the length)
Appearance size 580X470X500mm(70KG)

Product details
desktop rubber tube cutter
Intelligent high-definition touch screen microcomputer control panel, simple operation and easy to understand functions, clear display, at a glance
Belt feeding without indentation Feeding stable length accurate
Addon function available, the cutter device can come with a slicing part to open the corrugated pipe.

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