Cartridge heater for extrusion, injection or blow molding

D12 L70
220V 200W


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Cartridge heater

1. Scope of application:
Applicable to mold heating, common application industries: core shooting machine, packaging machinery, flat vulcanizing machine, etc. (the spot is not suitable for heating in liquid and air, non-standard products can be customized by contacting customer service)
2. How to choose the correct specifications:
Voltage: How many V
Power: How many W (default range: positive 5% negative 10%)
Tube diameter: The default diameter is a negative tolerance
For example: 10mm is 9.8mm-10mm, tube length: The default size is plus or minus 2mm4 The default high-temperature wire is 250mm
3. About non-standard customization instructions: Please confirm the specific parameters when ordering, and returns are not supported.
cartridge heater

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