DC Motor Controller ESC + PWM Controller + Potentiometer Controller

7V-24V 240W
8V-48V 720W


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DC Motor Controller

RDC-L3 DC Motor Driver Controller
- RC/MCU (PWM) Control/Potentiometer Control
- Application: aero-modeling, smart car, motor speed & communication control, semiconductor refrigeration
- Motor speed control, motor positive conversion control, adjustable current limiting
- Three operating modes
- Wide voltage input range
- Moto commutated & speed control
- Potentiometer control, motor commutation and speed
- MCU (PWM) control motor commutation and speed
- Semiconductor refrigeration
- Input Voltage: DC 7-24V
- Standby Current: < 20mA
- Limit Current: 0.1A to 10A adjustable
- Control Modes:
RC Mode: 1ms to 2ms (pulse width)/50Hz
MCU (PWM) Mode: 0% to 100% duty cycle/Frequency: 500Hz to 16KHz
Potentiometer Mode: 0V-5V input voltage (2.45V to 2.55V motor stops)
Absolute Maximum Parameters:
- Limited Input Voltage: Max. 5V to 30V
- Limited Output Current: Max. 10A ± 0.5A

RDC-B3 Brush DC Motor Controller Description:
DC Motor Controller
RDC-B3 has a control motor forward and reverse function, when using RC control, if the rocker from moving forward quickly to backward, the controller will stop output, when returned to the midpoint when the rocker lifting brake protection, rocker can continue forward or backward.
Main Features:
- Working Voltage: 8V-48V DC
- Operating Current: 0-20A (Max.); The current limit can be adjusted.
- Optional: with brake, or without brake function
- There is an indicator light to calibrate the joystick stroke for easy use with a variety of remote controls.
- Not afraid of stalling, with lower heating.
PWM Controller

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