68KTYZ permanent micro gear synchronous motor



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68KTYZ synchronous motor

Motor type: Synchronous gear motor
Size: 60*68mm
Power: 28W
Voltage: 220V AC
Power: 14W Rotation direction: CW / CCW
Operating Temperature and Humidity: Temperature range -10C to + 50C, humidity range30% ~ 80%.
Storage Temperature: Range Temperature-20C to + 60C
Rotation speed: 2.5 rpm / 5 rpm / 10 rpm / 15 rpm / 20 rpm / 30 rpm / 50 rpm / 60 rpm / 80 rpm / 110 rpm
68KTYZ synchronous motor
Material: metal gears, does not exceed the rated torque, it life is 5000 hours
Scope: stage lighting, electric curtains, monitoring PTZ, air conditioning, Christmas tree, advertising light boxes, animation, water control, plastic machines, film Kyrgyzstan, presses, screenshots, electronic equipment.

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