GM15BY micro pm stepper motor and linear stepper



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Micro Gear PM Stepper Motor

1: 12 * 10mm gearbox with GM15BY stepper motor
2: meet the EU environmental standards. Low energy consumption. Low noise
3: After the stepper motor is slowed down, further subdivide the step angle to increase the load torque.
4: Reduction ratio: 1: 50
5: The product is suitable for: medical equipment. Optical instrument. Laser projector. Security products. PTZ. Laser machine. Fiber welding machine. Printer. Scanner. Peristaltic pump. Urine analyzer.
micro gear stepper motor

PM Stepper with threaded screw shaft

The minimum small step decelerating motor, using the precious metal two phase four lead wire bipolar.
More than 3000 hours of life span.
Low noise, large torque, reliable performance, positive/reverse
Interval Angle: 18°/298(0.06°)
The reduction ratio 50:1 or 298:1
phase resistance:30 Ohms
Voltage: 5V - 12V is available
Red B
White B-
Black A -
Yellow A
MOLEX1.25-4PIN terminals
GM15BY1527 micro gear threaded shaft stepper

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