Desktop pelletizer, crusher, shredder for plastic recycling or polymer experiment

Size 150
Size 180


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Desktop Crusher

Lab-size desktop crusher for 3D prints, plastic bottles, and cards crushing and recycling.
Feeding zone 270*220mm
Power: 1.5KW
Bolo blades: 3PCS
S Blades: 2PCS
Solid blades: 6PCS
Speed: 20RPM

Desktop Pelletizer

A crusher is usually used for varied shapes, and a pelletizer is used for pelletizing the filament extrusion from an extruder which is mostly applied for color masterbatch mixing or other kinds of additive mixing purposes.

Desktop Shredder

The difference between plastic shredder, crusher, and pelletizer. A plastic pelletizer is a machine that is used to pelletize the plastic extrusion in the usual shape of filament into plastic pellets. A plastic pelletizer is usefully used for compounding extrusion purposes to mix plastics or plastic with color masterbatch. A plastic shredder is a machine that is used to recycle used plastic products like bottles and barrels. Shredder is known widely in the phrase paper shredder, you can imagine that the papers are shredded into slices the strips, and uniform small pieces. A plastic shredder is just a machine for plastic products to be shredded. A plastic crusher as usual is a machine for commercial recycling purposes, which is in larger volumes, large barrels, etc. It seems that Crusher has a stronger drive motor compared with Shredder. A crusher compresses first and then breaks the item, a car crusher is an example. A crusher is to break, a shredder is to break into pieces. There are other words used to describe machines used for plastics, pulverizers, and grinders. Plastics can be found in two main shapes powder or pellet before it's used for products.
Desktop Shredder
Plastic Shredder

New update in 2023, the shredder and crusher are now the same as below RD-Shredder150
Plastic crusher, shredder
Shredder 150

Benchtop Shredder

180 shredder

Shredder 180

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