Caterpillar haul off belt puller for plastic extrusion



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Caterpillar puller for plastic extrusion

Haul off machine
Type: belt or caterpillar
Applied: plastic pipe or profile, MBBR Biofilter Media
Size for tube: 12-200mm and thickness wall: 0.2-6mm
Effective length: 1.2 Meter
Motor power: 0.75KW
Speed control: inverter frequency
Speed line/m:0-100m ,according to product's size
Voltage :220VAC/380VAC/415VAC/440VAC
Belt Caterpillar Pulling Machine

Servo motorized fly-knife and caterpillar pulling

For different applications, the fly-knife and caterpillar pulling machine can be integrated for higher efficiency. Both are controlled by Servo Motor, welcome your inquiry.
Fly-knife and caterpillar pulling

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