HT1225 pancake BLDC Gimbal Motor



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Hollow Shaft BLDC Motor

HT1225 motor is integrated with a 22mm slip ring into the motor as the hollow shaft, the number of lines of the slip ring is 12 lines, the shell is reinforced and optimized design, the motor will not be deformed with a direct load of 25kg, the built-in 14-bit AS5048A encoder, reserved PWM and SPI interface, you can easily use, is the production of large cradle head mechanical arm is the only choice.
HT1225 Gimbal Motor Dimension

Remarks:The upgraded version of the HT1225 motor can achieve a torque of 6N.M, if there is a need for a full-through version of the motor, it can also be made into a 22mm through hole hollow shaft.
This motor is equipped with an encoder and a slip ring is available.
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