BLDC Motor standalone FOC driver HT-DC02



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HT-DC02 is a brushless motor controller using field-oriented control (FOC) algorithm, suitable for the control of all HT series brushless pan/tilt motors. With a high-precision angle sensor, the position can be achieved Control, speed control.
BLDC Motor Driver
Product Characteristics
⚫ Wide voltage input range, 12V-48V working voltage
⚫ All signal terminals adopt GH1.25 terminals to ensure the reliability of the signal connection
⚫ The driver board integrates a USB interface, which is convenient to connect to the upper computer for parameter debugging
⚫ Support RS485 and CAN bus interface
⚫ The baud rate of RS485 and CAN interface can be configured through the host computer
⚫ Drive integrated DIP switch to facilitate the modification of device address
⚫ Provide free host computer tuning software and other materials
⚫ The driver meets the working environment of -40~85°
⚫ Multiple protection functions, overvoltage/overcurrent
⚫ Applied to medium and low speed, high torque precision servo control occasions, such as high-tech robot/lidar/teaching, Education and scientific research unit experimental device test equipment/security inspection/survey and exploration equipment

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