Waterproof F2838 Brushless Motor for ROV or RC Boats



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Brushless Outrunner Motor F2838

Size: Approx. 55 * 55 * 80mm / 2.2 * 2.2 * 3.1inch
F2838 ROV Motor
Item Name: F2838-350KV Brushless Motor
Weight: 130 - 264g
Type: RC Part
Tested at 12V:
Pull: 1.12kg
Current: 6A
Tested at 16V:
Pull: 1.5kg
Current: 7.7-8A
Tested at 24V:
Pull: 2.4kg
Current: 11.7A
F2838 BLDC Motor
Note: BLDC Motor needs to work with ESC.

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