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The desktop parallel twin screw extruder

Note: Considering dual motors synchronization production, the latest design of SJ25Twin is a single motor But Twin Screws, thanks.

Desktop PTS21 parallel twin screw extruder parameters, screw diameter 21mm, LD ratio 11:1
1. Production: 0.1-2KG/hour (depending on the fluidity of each material)
2, Weight: 25KG NET
3, Production line speed: 1-20 m / min (the actual production speed depends on the customer wire gauge);
Note: the price is for the twin-screw extruder only, accessory of production line please let RobotDigg know your request for quote.
4. The height of the production line center: 300mm;
5, The direction of the production line: squeeze to the left;
6, Installation area: length × width = 0.7 * 0.2m;
7. Power: 110V or 220V AC power supply.
8, Screw diameter: 21MM * 2 flat double, motor power: 180W with high torque flat double reduction gearbox, screw machine barrel with filter.
9, Processing temperature range, normal temperature -300 degrees, can be arbitrarily set.

Lastest question and answer on the concern of the desktop parrel twin-screw extruder or pelletizing line.
1) Is the price posted ($5400) for the extruder only, does it come with a die, hopper, or other additional accessories separately?
2) I noticed it was updated to have only one motor, how does that work?
3) Why is your extruder cheaper than other twin-screw extruders?
The price is cheaper than other twin-screw extruders:
1. Desktop or benchtop scale, the LD ratio of the screw, the larger ratio it can Not be smaller to be desktop.
2. The motor type, the SJ25Twin adopts an AC Speed Torque Motor, if it adopts a Servo Motor with planetary or even harmonic drive gear, the price will be higher.
It uses one motor But a gear mechanism to make the dual screws are synchronously working, compared with two motors the speed differentiate will make the screws quarrel.
5400USD includes the standard Die 1.75 or 3 mm filament, hopper, the shipping cost is Not included.

How are different color pellets for injection molding, blow molding, blown film,  3D printing are produced?
Weighing color masterbatch or pigment
Mixing original plastic pellets with the color masterbatch
Single screw or twin-screw extruder to extrude out the filament
Pelletize or cut into pellets again (granulating line)
Sieving and bagging for other kinds of plastic production processes.

SJ25 desktop twin screw extruder

The new design SJ25 twin-screw extruder desktop type which is quite suitable and cost performance machine for lab or institute use of color masterbatch or pigment mixing and pelletizing, etc., the affordable desktop experiment of plastic modification.

SJ25Twin-GL is a granulating line that includes twin screw extruder SJ25, water tank for cooling for extruded out, and pelletizer (tractor in one) to cut the extrusion filament into pellets.

Q&A to the parallel twin-screw extruder and the granulating line
Q1 usable temperature
The standard extruder is under 300C.
Q2 production rate and production line speed
20-1000g per hour
Q3 Does SJ25Twin-GL include a pelletizer and a unit for cooling extruded filament using water?
Yes. Pelletizer, cooling bath and tractor are included.
Q4 About the cooling unit using water. Does the unit circulate water?
Yes. There is a water pump. And also you can put some ice into the cooling bath in summer.
Q5 We would like to have a specification, a drawing, a catalog. Is it possible? If you have these in English, we would like to have them. If you have these in Chinese, it is OK.
Sorry, we do Not have the flyer or manual available at the moment. But please refer to RobotDigg YouTube Channel videos for a quick start.
Q6 What's the consumption of the granulating line
It's 750W-1KW
Q7 applicable materials (Can we use for like WPC: Wood Plastic Compounds?)
Wood plastic compounds we recommend you
Or conical twin screw extruder we do Not have desktop type at the moment.

pelletizing production line

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