Ceramic Bearing Balls ZRO2 zirconium oxide ball G10 grade



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Zirconia ceramic balls (ZRO2)

Zirconia ceramic ball, at room temperature with high strength and high toughness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high stiffness, non-magnetic, electrical insulation. Zirconia ceramic balls at 600 ℃, strength, hardness is almost constant having a density of 6.00g / cm3, a thermal expansion coefficient close to the metal if the expansion coefficient, may be used with metal bonding.
Silicon nitride ceramic balls (SI3N4)
Silicon nitride ceramic balls are precision ceramic non-oxidizing atmosphere at high temperature sintering, high strength, high wear resistance, high temperature, corrosion, acid and alkali, long-term use in the sea, and has absolute power absolutely magnetic good performance. At 800 ℃, strength, hardness is almost constant, having a density of 3.20g / cm3, almost 1/3 of the weight bearing steel, when rotating the centrifugal force is small. High-speed operation can be realized. Also has a self-lubricating, it can be used without lubrication medium to high pollution of the environment. Become ceramic bearings, hybrid ceramic ball bearing material of choice.
Silicon carbide ceramic balls (SIC)
Ceramic Ball product performance and stability, with the best overall performance of silicon nitride. Compared with steel, lighter than steel quality, low friction coefficient, good sports performance, the elastic modulus of steel is 50%, the thermal expansion coefficient of less than 25% of the steel, the high temperature at 1000 ℃ before to maintain high strength and hardness, corrosion resistance, no rust, non-magnetic, can work without oil lubrication. I am in the production of advanced ceramic ball field level. Silicon carbide ball Material: sintered silicon carbide density: 3.15 g / cm3 Color: Black Level: G10, G16

Suitable for a range of purposes, some of the most common are listed below:
-1/8" is often used for clusters and old English-style headsets
-1/4" is often used for rear wheels and bottom brackets
-3/16" is often used for front wheels
-5/32" is often used for headsets with pressing cups
Size: 1/8"(3.175mm), 5/32"(3.969mm), 3/16"(4.763mm), 1/4" (6.35mm)
Precision: G10
Material: Zirconium Oxide (ZRO2)
Package Content: 10 Pieces

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