Hybrid ceramic ball bearing S623-2RS, S624-2RS, S625-2RS



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Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing

Stainless steel frame, Si3N4 silicon nitride black balls, nylon retainer and rubber seal
The advantages of hybrid ceramic balls:
1 No oil self-lubrication, ceramic ball has no oil self-lubricating properties, so the ceramic ball bearings can not add grease.
2 Insulation, rolling element using ceramic ball, can achieve the insulation between the inner ring and the outer ring of the bearing.
3 high speed, the use of ceramic ball speed is much higher than the general bearing speed.
4 long life, ordinary bearings used in water and high temperature environment, the oil is easy to wash off or get rid of, so that the bearings will soon be bad, the use of ceramic balls as rolling elements, do not worry about these problems.
5 Waterproof: ordinary bearings used in the water, grease wash out, the bearings soon broken, using ceramic balls, you can use it normally in water.
Mainly used in: bicycle skateboard pulleys medical equipment, optical instruments, printing machinery, cryogenic engineering, food processing machinery And in various rotating equipment.
hybrid ceramic ball bearing

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