SM-X3003A hall effect proximity sensor



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NPN Hall Effect Sensor

12-30V 200mA hall effect sensor, brown +, blue -, black is signal

SM-X3003A is a micro-power, high-sensitivity, all-polarity, hall-switch sensor device. Compared with the reed switch, it has high switching speed, large driving current and no magnetic pole. It can be triggered as soon as it is close to the magnetic field. The output is immediately turned off after leaving the magnetic field. Different from the traditional Hall sensor, it does not require a specific magnetic pole, which reduces the trouble for the installer. Built-in jitter processing, shaping circuit, power management circuit, NPN structure open-drain output, drive current up to 500mA, long in the field of automation It is applied to automatic production line, pneumatic equipment, precision sliding table origin or limit device. Due to its small size, the outer diameter is only about 3mm. It is very convenient to install. It has its own indicator light, anti-back protection and metal casing, which makes the product more extremely high performance and reliable.
hall sensor

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