Integrated closed-loop servo stepper motor IHSS42-24-05



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NEMA17 servo stepper motor

Motor and drive integration, eliminating complicated wiring
No lost step, accurate positioning
100% rated torque drive motor
Variable current control technology, high current efficiency
Low vibration and smooth operation at low speed
Single and double pulse mode selectable
Pulse interference filtering can be set
Built-in acceleration and deceleration control to improve start-stop smoothness
User-customizable segments
General application parameters do not need to be adjusted
Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, out-of-tolerance protection
Green light means running, red light means protection or offline
nema17 servo stepper
Two phase
NEMA17 42 frame
Step angle(deg):1.8
Position accuracy :1.8±0.09
Holding Torque(N.m):0.48
Current phase(A):1.2
DC Resistance(Ohms): Ω ±10% 3
Inductance/Phase(mH):mH±20% 7.9
Rotor inertia (kg-c㎡) :G.GM77
Temp rise(Max):80℃
Electric strength:500VDC
Insulation resistance:100Mohm (500VDC)
Radial play:Max 0.025mm(load 450g)
Axial play: Max 0.075mm(load 920g)
Insulation class:B
Lead wire:4

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