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Single-axis stepper motor control and drive

Built-in pulse stepper motor controller manual
Product Declaration
For electronic module products, you need to have a certain electronic foundation and carefully read the product description before use; The product is not designed for medical, life-saving, life support, and other purposes, and cannot be used in dangerous places such as coal mines and oil depots. We do not guarantee such responsibilities; The product profit is low, the user's operation ability and use occasions vary greatly, and any electronic equipment cannot be foolproof. The equipment owner shall make corresponding protective measures and risk management plans. The company shall not be liable for compensation for any personal or property loss directly or indirectly caused by the equipment.
Product introduction
This is a special operation control module for a single-shaft stepping motor.
A variety of fixed operation modes are built into the module, and users can quickly select the appropriate motion track. The distance/speed/delay/number of cycles can be saved and set after power down. It can run independently as a module, or it can be used together with other systems.
It can be used in general industrial control occasions, not in special industries such as medical treatment and fire protection or life-threatening fields.
Model: Stepper motor controller + driver
Adaptive motor: stepping motor
Number of control axes: single axis
Motor signal: common cathode
Power supply range: DC 5-30V general
Driving capacity: 4A
Instruction features: streamline and optimize multiple common instructions
Acceleration and deceleration control: Yes
Input reverse connection protection: Yes
Remote communication control: TTL serial port
Main functions of the system: automatic, manual, setting, and serial port control
Speed range: 0.1 ~ 999 laps/min
Number of forward rotation pulses: 1-9999 pulses
Number of reverse pulses: 1-9999 pulses
Number of cycles: 1-9999
Forward rotation delay time: 0.0-999.9 seconds
Reverse delay time: 0.0-999.9 seconds
Subdivision selection range: 1-128 subdivision
Product service environment: - 5-60℃(no condensation)
stepper controller and driver

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