NEMA23 or NEMA34 hollow shaft stepper motor rotary index unit



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Stepper motor rotary index unit

Stepper motor NEMA17 48mm, NEMA23 45mm body or NEMA34 76mm body
Hollow shaft 8mm (NEMA17) 12mm (NEMA23) or 26mm (NEMA34) through hole
42mm or 62mm mounting face for end user's rotary fixture
stepper motor rotary indexer
NEMA17 hollow shaft stepper motor with the rotary fixture. Step angle 1.8, rated current 1.5A per phase, resistance per phase 2 Ohms +- 10%, inductance 3.8mH +-20% per phase, holding torque 430mN.m
Through hole 8mm

NEMA23 2 phase bipolar stepper motor, 1.8 step angle, rated current 2A, the resistance per phase 1.63 Ohms+-10%, inductance per phase 4.8mH+-20%, holding torque 0.7N.m
NEMA23 rotary table
NEMA34 bipolar 2 phase stepper motor, 200 steps, rated current 4A, the resistance per phase 0.5Ohms+-10%, inductance per phase 4mH+-20%, holding torque 2N.m
NEMA34 rotary table

Advantage: this kind of hollow shaft stepper motor with rotary fixture laser soldered, wires or laser beam, etc can get through. It owns the feature of a slip ring.
Disadvantage: the output torque of this stepper motor rotary index is small because the hollow shaft brings the torque of a standard stepper motor down. So this hollow shaft rotary index is good for low-speed and light torque requests. For a larger torque stepper motorized rotary table, you will need a Reducer.

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