Water cooled spindle motor 800W, 1.5KW or 2.2KW



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Water cooling spindle motor 800W

Size: 65* 158mm or 195mm ( Body diameter: 65mm, length: 158mm or 195mm ) Speed Ways: Through 3-phase output inverter and adjust the inverter frequency to change the spindle speed.
Cooling: Water cooling
Power Interface: Optional H17-4 pins waterproof air plug. The air plug marked "1 ","2"," 3"," 4", "1 ","2 ","3" were connected to inverter (U, V, W), 4 connected inverter ground. (Pay attention! our spindle "4" connecting to GND,promised personal safety!!)
Power: 0.8kw (1HP=0.735kw)
Voltage: 220vAC (If you need 110v/380v spindle ,please leave message to us,thank you)
Frequency: 0-400Hz Speed: 0-24000rpm
Runout Off: 0.01mm
4pcs full sealed angular contact ball bearings
Bearing Type: 2×7002C P4 DT & 2 ×7000C P4 DT
Water Cooling ER11 collet chunk
Grease Lubrication
Main Application: Engrave for wood, bamboo, normal PCB, PVC, PMMA, plastic, duotone board(ABS) and etc nonmetal, also can engrave on gold, silver, copper, aluminium, Pb etc soft metal surface working.
800w spindle

800w water cooled spindle

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