1.75mm ABS Filament in Black or White

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RobotDigg take 1.75mm Black and White these two colors as stock supply.
5 rolls, gross weight 7.5Kgs, the shipping cost by FedEx to U.S. or Canada is 75USD.

RobotDigg has colorful ABS filament. except Black and White 1.75mm ABS, the lead time of other colors is 7 days.

ABS warps less than PLA, especially on larger printed objects but has a higher melting temperature. ABS is harder and is a more appropriate plastic for 3D printer parts that will be exposed to heat. Like near the Extruder. Solvents like Acetone can give ABS a smooth professional looking finish when carefully applied.

1.75mm or 3mm diameter filament

1Kg per spool, Gross Weight 1.45Kgs including the spool

Other colors are available in Clear, Natural, White, Translucent Fluorescent Yellow, Opaque Yellow, Translucent Grass Green, Glow in Dark, etc.

Please contact RobotDigg for price break on very large orders and bulk prices of different color of ABS filament.

Do you know?
Shipping to the U.S. ,Canada and western Europe costs roughly $6.40 per kilogram roll if your order is over 21 kilograms. If you ordered only ABS filament you would have to order over 14 rolls to get this low shipping rate. As usual the weight of other items like motors and bearings counts towards the total weight of your order so it is best to combine orders with friends, hobby groups or your local hackerspace to take advantage of our bulk shipping rates. Check out our PLA Filament page or email our Sales Department for more information on shipping in bulk. And I have to say this one more time....GLOW IN THE DARK!!

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