2.5W, 5.5W or 7W high power 445nm wavelength TTL PWM Control blue Laser Module



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High power laser module

Blue connector for TTL, White connector for 12VDC power supply
Wavelength 450 nm
Output power 2500mW
Dimensions 33mm * 65mm (adjustable focus)

Blue laser module for laser engraving and cutting TTL PWM control laser module 5.5W
Product description
Wavelength: 445 nm Power : 5.5W (max 4.8w )
Electric current:3-5A input
Voltage: DC 12V
Working temperature: +10 ~+40
Driver module:TTL
Can be used for carving, cutting. Can cut wood
Transparent and white Material can not be cut.
Laser focus adjustable

500mW, 1000mW and laser protection glass are available.
Laptop Laser Engraving Machine can save your time on DIY which are also available from RobotDigg.

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