775 dc motor mounting bracket




775 dc motor bracket

Fit to the mini 775 motor as a bracket or holder.
Standard or New U type Motor bracket, adopting electroplating process, have good anti-rust effect.
Fixed 775 motors in a firm way, convenient to use the saw blade.
This motor bracket comes with nuts and screws, easy to mount and fix motor.
Made of high quality metal material, sturdy and durable in use.
Vertical : 2mm/0.08inch thick, 5.2cm/2.0inch high, 5.0cm/1.9inch wide, high hardness alloy aluminum.
Bottom: 1.5mm/0.059inch thick, stainless steel
Center stepped hole: diameter of about 17mm/0.6inch
Motor fixing holes: 4mm/ (for M4 screws)
775 motor bracket
Vertical surface: thickness 3mm/0.12inch, height 40mm/1.57inch, width 50mm/1.97inch
Bottom plate: length 60mm/2.36inch, thickness 3mm/0.12inch, width 50mm/1.97inch
U Center Slot: diameter of about 17.5mm/0.69inch
Motor fixing hole: 4mm/0.16 (for M4 screws)
U775 dc motor bracket

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