60KTYZ PM synchronous micro gear motor



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60KTYZ PM synchronous micro gear motor

15RPM is the most popular synchronous motor you may need for applications
Main applications:
Electric slides, barbecue machines, electric vouchers, and all the low-power low-speed constant-speed operation of all kinds of small and medium-sized machines, equipment
Main technical paramater:
1.Rated voltage 220V
2.Frequency 50/60HZ
3.Input power:<14w
4.Starting voltage ±15%
5.Dielectric strength 1500VAC/min
6.Power consumption <4W
7.Noise <45db
8.Coil temperature rise 60K
9.Insulation class E

Varied RPM different gear ratio can be customized

This product is a permanent magnet synchronous motor and the slowdown in one body can control the pros and cons of the synchronous motor. With small power consumption, torque, low noise, small size, light weight, easy to use features. At rated frequency, the motor speed is not affected by voltage and remains stable. Overloaded or stalled won't burn the motor coil.
15rpm synchronous motor

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