Benchtop Pick and Place Machine TVM925 or TVM926




China Benchtop Pick and Place Machine

TVM925 rev, science and technology in RDG920 or TVM920 models based on the new upgrade desktop SMT machine.X, Y, Z three axis adopt high precision Linear Rail, more accurate positioning. TVM920 has stopped production
More visual system: 1, depending on the camera, depending on the system by four small cameras and 1 big camera, at the same time realize four head four visual camera detection, greatly improving the efficiency of the visual patch.
To integrate the fuselage internal structure, make the body more compact, save floor space, convenient transportation and handling.Unique double motor gantry structure, can accommodate only 8 mm feida 39.Closed loop control system.
Under the Windows 7 system development and design of the humanized operating software, with the underlying movement of the upgrade, patch worry and stable
Max applicable PCB 340*340mm
Max XY Moving area 400*630mm
Max Z Moving area 16mm
Placement head quantity 4
Positioning accuracy 0.025mm
Max mounting capability 9000 pcs/h
Max capability with cision 7000 pcs/h
Applicable Components 0402, 0603, 0805, SOP, TQFP, QFN ,BGA
Components supply configuration Tape Reel, Vibration, Tray
Tape width 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm can be loaded
Vibration feeders Max 8 vibration feeders
Tape reel feeders Max 39 CL 8mm feeders(Feeders are Not included which can be purchased separately and
Visual system 6 HD CCD Cameras
Down looking Visual system Automatic identify the mark point
UP looking Visual system Automatic adjust the offset
Air source External connection 0.6MP-0.8MP
Power Supply AC220V / AC 110V
Power 350W
Machine size L960*W870*H600mm
Gross Weight 170Kgs
Net Weight 132Kgs
Volume 0.95CBM
Support PCB design software Protl99/Altium Designer/Eagle/Pads/proteus/Allege Ect

Production line recommendation
China SMT Production Line

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