500mW, 1000mW Laser Module with TTL, laser protection glass



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12V 0.5W, 1W or 2.5W Laser Module with TTL

Wavelength 405 nm
Red and Black lead wire tinned for TTL
Output power 500mW
Output band visible light
Operating current 210mA
Supply voltage 12V
Optical section Focusing lens
Spot pattern Point shape
Working temperature ± 50 ℃ Material Aluminum
Dimensions 33mm * 55mm (adjustable focus)
Working life of 8000 hours

Blue connector for TTL, White connector for 12VDC power supply
Wavelength 450 nm
Output power 1000mW
Dimensions 33mm * 65mm (adjustable focus)

Laser Module Wiring

Please never point the laser beam to Human or animal's eyes.
Please never point the laser beam to aircraft in the sky.
Please wear laser goggles for any in room research or experiment.
Please keep laser far from under 18 years old Children.

340-1250nm Laser Protection Glasses

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