Combine Order

17, Jul, 2013

What is Combine Order?

Combine Order is an order with several different items.
Take a example: You want to buy pencil from a shop, a eraser may be needed, so you buy a pencil and a eraser at a time.
To RobotDigg, you buy a Nema17 stepper motor, pulley and belt as one order is Combine Order.

Why Combine Order?

To save shipping cost.
We see that some clients want to buy only small quantity stepper motors like 4, 5 or 6 pcs from RobotDigg. It is OK for us, BUT the shipping cost will be more than the stepper motors themselves. Why not buy them locally? We can Not post stepper motors, and for items over 1Kg, the postage is nearly the same Cost ship by couriers(FedEx, DHL, UPS or TNT) to U.S., Canada and European Countries.
To average shipping cost.
If you buy only heavy items like stepper motor, the average shipping cost to each motor is high, but if you buy heavy items COMBINE with light items, it will help to balance the shipping cost. Stepper Motor with Belt&Pulley, Threaded Rod Stepper Motor with Ball Bearings, etc.