11, Jul, 2013

In the last month June, 2013. RobotDigg are putting lot of items that are necessary to build a Step Extruder.

Now we have .4mm Brass Nozzle, Thermal Tube, Thermal Core, Heatsink, Heater Cartridge and Kapton Tape to supply for the Stepextruder.

RobotDigg is still working on more parts for the stepextruder, the next supply will be Bar Mount(Chassis Block). And we may offer 12V and 24V cooling fan in the next step.

RobotDigg welcome you to give us suggestions on Stepextruder. What parts are required to build up your own step extruder or any new step extruder idea.
We have an example-the Filament Drive Gear
MK7 Filament Drive Gear is most classic and you couldn\'t find a better price quality MK7 Pulley from China than Makerbot can supply till now on.
QU-BD Raptor Filament Drive Gear is another great choice for step extruder.
In China, a standard Gear with a U type bearing is the cost effective solution.