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26, Jun, 2013

RobotDigg is now available on Aliexpress:
Good news is that you can pay us through Credit Card

3D printing industry is open source, 3D printing hobbyists share what they create. This is 3D culture and is the really great thing at the heart of 3ders.

Thanks to Peter Liwyj! Peter helped us a lot on the translation work and the job was done terrifically. RobotDigg wants to hear from you, Is there something you want to see made available for the 3D printing hobbyist? Did you come here looking for something and it wasn't here? If so what was it? Do you want longer wires on our motors? Do you want us to carry heated beds or electronics? What control boards do you use? Would you like to see 8 millimeter smooth rod to go with our LMU88 and 608ZZ bearings? If so what lengths would you prefer? We do our best to keep up with the rapidly changing 3D hobby printing industry and just judging by our sales to individual hobbyists we can tell we're doing something right. Seriously, without your input we can't improve what we can offer you. Help us make our site better. And remember, we have an entire factory here. We can make pretty much anything when we put our minds to it.