8mm PET braided sleeve per meter



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8mm PET Braided Sleeve

Price per meter 8mm PET sleeve, it can carry 8 to 10 pieces 18AWG lead wires
200 meters a roll 0.9Kgs, price is 50USD.
The PET sleeve will be big when the length will have the contraction, when DIY please in advance do suffice the length. Sleeving ends can use insulating tape, heat shrink or zip ties. Safety and stability, plug and play. Braiding polyester PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is good replacement for your old or broken ones. The easy lead wire operation, to have the good elasticity, the resistance to wear and heat-insulated. The product surface is smooth, the luster is bright, applies in the computer power line, the acoustic video frequency line, the electric wire electric cable, the holding wire, machine the interconnection wiring.

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