Dual-automatic liquid sampling system



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EL Series multifunction liquid sampling system is richer Electric Division launched a new generation of multi-purpose liquid handling equipment, high-strength and corrosion-resistant shell Y-ceramic rotary valve made of pure imported materials Seiko produced, the choice of high-speed chip, next generation power plant propeller and 7-inch high-color touch screen, micro-printer and other devices to provide stable and secure high-precision experiments; versatile: set dilution, titration, loading, dispensing, mixing diverse as this one, completely replace the conventional pipette, diluted meter, titrator;

Multi-industry: it can be used for chemical analysis, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, clinical medicine, biotechnology, molecular biology, food industry;

Typical customer: environmental, petrochemical, marine, construction and steel industry analysis center; measurement, quality inspection and environmental agencies; hospital, CDC, blood and forensic identification center; chemical, biological and pharmaceutical laboratories and other professional; chemical plant , pharmaceutical and pesticide factories and other enterprises;

★ Features:

Five basic operating functions: dispensing (ie liquid dispensing); sample (ie, sample transfer); diluted (single sample liquid); this diverse dilution; titration. Three advanced operating functions: Advanced liquid separation operation; advanced dispensing operation; Advanced dilution.
Three types of system maintenance functions: system filling; cleaning system; the system evacuated.
Three mud pumps features: current pump (constant flow mode perfusion); pulsation pump (pulsating manner perfusion); recovery pump (constant sample recovery).
Guided calibration function, according to the instrument calibration prompt realization of the syringe. Chinese user interface.
Custom input method, the use of large numbers, text and symbol keys, task parameters easily enter.
Smart Task setup and maintenance functions, complex liquid handling tasks an easy interface to complete.
Smart Task operation prompt, automatic tracking process liquid handling, one-touch-type liquid sample processing.
intelligent diagnosis and prompt task parameters, depending on the sampling line and the volume of the sample collected task is divided into: normal, warning, error three states, and has prompts for wrong task during operation, reduce the user's misuse.
Tasks are automatically saved and loaded, save an unlimited number of tasks. Repeat support and soft trigger function and can be configured soft trigger time, can be fully automated liquid handling part of the function. Dual syringe alternately work to improve operational efficiency (dual channel mode). All liquid line piping and components exposed to the outside of the instrument, easy removal and replacement, which will help install the fluid path system, disinfection, cleaning, and maintenance.

Ceramic rotary valves, reagent compatibility, and no dead volume.
Liquid channel material: Teflon (a Teflon), ceramic, borosilicate glass.
Full LCD touch screen operation, can be an external mouse and keyboard, easy to operate.
Built-in printer (optional), instant printing operation tasks.
Reserved RS232 / TTL232 interface directly controlled by an external computer; 20, a variety of control interfaces and operating instructions (panel soft keys and directions, handle buttons and lights, pedals).

★ technical indicators:

Compatible injector Model: You can use a variety of models syringe, 100μl, 250μl, 500μl, 1ml, 2.5 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml and 25 ml.
Liquid handling volume: 5μl-25ml
Effective dilution: 0.8 to 0.001 (adjustable)
Accuracy: ≥99% (ie deviation<1%)
Precision (repeatability): ≤ ± 0.1%
Syringe effective working distance: 60mm (corresponding to 96,000 steps), the error is ± 1mm
Incremental volume: total capacity syringe 0.1% to 100%
Pusher piston speed: 0.06μm / s - 15mm / s (corresponding to 267 hours / full --4 seconds / full), the maximum speed of the plunger and the needle tube capacity, and viscosity of the liquid dosing requirements for adjustable speed.
A piston driving force (maximum speed): Full driving force ≥8kgf
Operating temperature: 10 ℃ -40 ℃
Humidity range: 10% -90%
Atmospheric pressure: 50KPa-200KPa
Power: 24V-36V / 50Hz, 30W (single channel) / 50W (dual channel) Weight: about 7.5Kg
Size: 300mm × 240mm × 420mm (length × width × height)
★ configuration list:

1. The host 1 (built-in LCD touch screen Chinese control software system)
2. imported original syringe (5ml) 2 pcs
3. RS232-USB data cable 1 pc
4. hose (1/16 inch) outside diameter of 6 meters
5. O-ring 5 * 1.5 12 (2 sets)
6. handle a sample 7. The power line 1 pc
8. pedals 1 pc
9. Other: Computer (WindowsXP) software installation CD 1; User Manual 1; 1
single receipt service; factory certificate 1; 1 small parts bag

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