Pick n Place Machine CHMT530P4, 4 heads can load 30 feeders

4 PnP Heads


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Benchtop Pick and Place Machine

Machine Vision Equipped Automatic Pick n Place Machine 4 Heads 30 feeders (Standard Pneumatic Feeder is Not included, can be purchased separately) CHMT530P4 Charmhigh Desktop SMT pick and place machine
It can work with Yamaha pneumatic feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm 24mm

CHMT530P4 User Manual

Voltage 220V(110V),50HZ
Power 250W
Screen Full Touch screen
USB Connect external USB flash
Operating System Embedded Linux
Supporting Feeder standard Yamaha CL feeder 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm
Control computer built-in industrial computer mainboard
Interface 7 inch industrial LCD screen
Chip accuracy ± 0.015mm
Leakage detection Visual + vacuum double detection
Support components 0402 ~ 5050, SOP, QFN, BGA etc
Vision detection Up & down camera Up camera: automatic calibration (maximum 22mm * 22mm), down camera:PCB automatic MARK point calibration
Vacuum system built-in two suction mute air pump, (pressure: -92kpa)
Motion control system XY axis using high-voltage stepper motor drive with servo closed-loop control, Z-axis with reset test, all motors using flexible S acceleration and deceleration

T528P138kg, dual PnP heads, 510*450*20mm(XYZ axis travel), 10*10mm-350*250mm(Supporting PCB) ,4500cph-6500cph, 28 pc Supporting Feeders,packaging size: 105*81*72cm
T530P4180kg, 4 PnP heads, 760*650*20mmXYZ axis travel),   10*10mm-450*330m(Supporting PCB),     5500cph-8000cph, 30 pc Supporting Feeders,,packaging size: 120*88*72cm

Note: Pneumatic feeders are Not included in the price, they can be separately bought from the following link CL82, CL84, CL12, CL16, CL24, CL32

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