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Full Kits of RobotDigg Metal Armour Kossel Printer

409USD including shipping cost by FedEx/UPS/DHL to USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France and UK.
399USD in total free shipping to South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand n Vietnam.
Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao? 369USD free shipping by SF Express.
RobotDigg Kossel Printer
RobotDigg Metal Kossel Printer Kit: printing area 180*200mm

Firmware Marlin, Slicing Cure.

This Kossel Mini 3D Printer has new update 1th, Dec 2016, welcome to find out the difference, put into cart :-).
Aluminum Armour Stands for the 2020 Aluminum Profile
Horizontal 3d filament stand. Can refer to the new added photo Silver and Black Delta Robot 3D Printers.
metal frame kossel 3d printerNew version
More details please visit Google Drive
The mini kossel printer kit do Not be sold without electronics. To save on assembling time,the delta printer is partially assembled, the bottom and the electronics.
RobotDigg Kossle Printer
robotdigg kossel printer

Metal Kossel Full Kits Not Assembled: D180mm*Height220mm Printing Area
Referrence assembly, thanks to Blomker. And more assembly manuals, please refer to kossel 3d printer
Mechanical parts (all necessary are included):
plate of mirror stainless steel
Anodized Aluminum Corner, Effector, Carriage
2020 Openbeam
Linear Rails
Pulley n belt
Electronical parts (all necessary electronics are included):
LCD Smart Controller
Power Supply
Ramps 1.4 Board
Mega 2560 Brain
A4988 Stepstick
Note: Heat bed is Not included.
Kossel XL VS XXL
Kossel Mini, Kossel XL or XXL

Are you still looking for printed parts for Kossel? Now it's time to use quality anodized aluminum parts.
Metal KosselOld version
Black delta printer
Blue Kossel
Blue kossel printer
Black Kossel
Gold delta bot printer
Gold Kossel

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