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What's your definition on the size of this kind Parallel Robot Kossel 3D Printer? XL, XXL, XXXL? Share your opinion, thanks. Free shipping by FedEx/UPS/DHL to USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, the Nertherlands, Germany, France and UK.
40USD lower price free shipping to South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand n Vietnam.

2040 Aluminum Vertex
2040 aluminum profile
550mm or 700mm MGN12 linear rail n carriage
The assembled kossel xl 3d printer is tested before shipping to end users

How do you determine a Kossel or Rostock deltaprinter?
1. Both are delta robot printers.
2. Linear motions: Rostock, linear shafts n linear bearings, pulley n belt. Kossel, linear rails, pulley n belt.
3. Rostock is cheaper but Kossel is much more stronger. For long run, the linear bearings and the linear rails from cheap sources may get rust. Personally, I recommend Kossel 3D Printer with a quality stainless steel linear rails.

And how to define the deltaprinter is Kossel Mini, XL or XXL?
Maybe you just need an experiment how to source the parts worldwide and build a large delta robot 3d printer and other future projects.

Printing area: 250mm*250mm Not assembled (250*250_NA_1019) full kit 899USD, Assembled 1099USD
Printing max dimension: 300mm*400mm Not assembled full kit 1099USD (300*400_NA_1219), Assembled 1299USD
Delta Robot 3D Printer
kossel xl
robotdigg kossel printer
Kossel XL compared with Kossel

kossel vs kossel xl

What parts are made of aluminium? Also the extruder, the carriage and effector?
Nearly all the parts are aluminum including the extruder, carriage n effector.
Which elektronic and display (20x4 or graphic) is included?
2.8 or 3.5 inches LCD.
Which hotend is included?
Mechanical Endstop auto-leveling e3d alike hotend.
Is there a heatbed?
Kapton heatbed with high temp glass included.
0,9° or 1,8° stepper motors?
1.8 degree stepper motors.
Is it possible to buy the kit without the main electronic board and display? How much will the price be reduced?
50USD off for main electronic board (including drivers) and display.
How could i get the black version of the printer?
Only black version available at the moment.

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