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PFA Sample Vial

PFA sample bottle supplied with a PFA screw cap. Autoclavable, easy to clean, suited for sample collection, transport and storage.
PFA Sample Container
Volume: 7ml, 15ml, 23ml, 30ml, 60ml, 90ml withstand temperatures from -200°C to 260°C.
PTFE Sample Bottle

Fusible polytetrafluoroethylene (PFA) is also known as: sample bottles, digestion bottles, vials, etc.; it has extraordinary chemical resistance and can withstand almost all chemical solvents.
It is specially designed for the laboratory and is mainly used for high-end experiments such as trace analysis and isotope separation. It is a relatively clean experimental analysis vessel.
The ruthenium metal element has a low blank value, the lead and uranium content is less than 0.01 ppb, no dissolution and precipitation, and the unreturned material has a low background.
Appearance: translucent, wide mouth design, threaded cap, good sealing performance
Outer bottom plane design can be directly heated and autoclaved by electric heating plate;
The cover and body can be numbered sequentially, without confusion;
According to the experimental requirements, there are U-shaped, V-shaped, flat-bottomed design, V-bottom design, which is more convenient for the collection of small samples;
Temperature resistance: use temperature -200 ~ +260 °C; open can be autoclaved;
Corrosion resistance: resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, aqua regia, hydrofluoric acid and various organic solvents;
Insulation: dielectric properties are independent of temperature and frequency;
Anti-pollution: low metal element blank value; long-term storage of reagents and standards, no other impurities are precipitated;
It falls from a height of 1.2 meters from the ground, the bottle body does not break, the bottle cap does not fall off, and does not leak;

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