4 Head pick and place machine RDG-QM41



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RDG-QM41 rev, science and technology in RDG925/TVM925 models based on the new upgrade of vertical placement machine.X, Y, Z three axis adopt high precision linear slide rail, more accurate positioning.More visual system: 1, depending on the camera, depending on the system by four small cameras and 1 big camera, at the same time realize four head four visual camera detection, greatly improving the efficiency of the visual patch.
Added new r&d and design of automatic transmission system.Maximum 600 mm length of circuit boards, more in demand.
Name QM41
applicable PCB 430mm*600mm
XY Moving area 410mm*720mm
Z moving range 16mm
Placement head quantity 4
Mounting capability 9500PCH/h Without vision 7000PCH/h With vision
Mounting accuracy 0.025mm
Applicable components 0402,0603、0805、sop8...QFN
Components supply Tape reel,bulk package(IC)tubes
Motot control scheme stepping motor,Closed-loopcontrol system
Tape width 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm
Feeders 45(YAMAHA Feeder is available)
Machine dimension L960*W940*H300mm
Visual camera 6HDCCD Camera
Visual camera(down) Automatic identify the mark point
Visual camera(up) Automatic adjust the offset
Vacuum pump quality External air punp
Power supply AC220V/AC110v
Average working Power 400W
Net weight 240KG
Packing size 1.73CBM
Certificate CE CE Certificate Code.

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