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Titanium plate solder pot

Tin pot size Φ100
Temperature 200-480 ℃
Power 300W / 220V
Melting flux 1.2KG

Operate Steps
1, Power on,220V / 50HZ
2, Set the temperature, set to No 9 files will speed up
3, Tin melting need about 10 minutes. For the first time, must be tin along the tin pot wall friction tin, can not be empty burning
4, When tin finished melting, we need control the temperature, set to 4-5 files (not good for a long time to work more than 6)
5, It will takes 8 seconds for put thread in the bubble when welding.(Do not contineously work more than 8 hours, will speed up the solder and tin furnace aging)

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