Electric feeder for CHM-860, CHM-861, CHM-863 pick n place machine



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NXT Electric Feeder 8/12/16/24mm

Pneumatic SMD feeders are going to be replaced by electric feeders because that the electric SMD feeders adopt a stepper motor as the actuator instead of the pneumatic cylinder.
In many applications, an electric actuator is preferred other than the pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder because of high repeat precision, lower maintenance requirement, and so on privileges.
The ground pick and place machine from China is still using the pneumatic feeders, But for the higher grade like the CHM-860, CHM-861, and CHM-863 which can carry up to 100 SMD feeders, Electric SMD Feeders will be the right choice.

Feeder performance will degrade without proper maintenance. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and calibration are essential. Feeder bad maintenance will lead to:
1. Mispicking of parts
2. Misplacement of parts
3. “Tombstoning” of parts
4. Flipped parts
NXT Electric Feeder
Issues related to improper nozzle/feeder maintenance or the use of poor quality nozzles. Here are some of the most common problems:
1. Poor pickup location on part. It will cause a loss of vacuum and result in parts shifting on the nozzle during transport.
2. Short/worn nozzles result in poor pickup and can cause the part not to be embedded into the paste. When the part is not placed into the paste correctly there is not enough surface tension to hold the part while the PCB is moving. Parts will shift.

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