Compact horizontal type precision Injection Molding Machine



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Low pressure injection molding machine

We understood the machine is costly compared with the size of normal injection molding machine. This low pressure machine is suitable for molding very small size gadget precisely and without damage to conjunction part. To help you invest on the right injection molding machine, it's better to sample for your evaluation, and you only need pay fee for the mold beforehand. After the sample check, then to make the decision.
low pressure injection molding
Compact Structure
Built-in Flat Screw & Flat Barrel
Built-in Hot Runner
Built-in SImplified Unit Mold
Injection Precion
Built-in Unit Dire Carrier
Special Mold Fixing Mechanism
Rapid Molding
Preplasticating Injection Molding Mechanism
Innovative Backflow Prevention Mechianism
Highly Efficient Reducing Mechanism
low pressure molding machine
Technical Parameter:
Clamping Force 3 TON
Mold Opening/Closing Speed: 55mm/sec
Injection Pressure 220Mpa
Injection Capacigty 3CC
Injection Speed: Max 60mm/sec
Screw diameter: 80*25mm
Mold open stroke 30mm
Injector Stroke: Max 10mm
Hot runner: KH 1258
Unit Mold: 80*130*100mm
Servo Motor: 3*400w
Power(excl heat):1120w
Electrical AC220V
Machine sizse(H*D*W):140*380*690MM
Machine Weight:42kg

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