CHMT560P4 4 head pick and place machine



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CHMT560P4 RobotDigg SMT Line

CHMT560P4 4 nozzles pick and place machine

Feeder not included, free shipping to USA
Standard Accessories for CHMT560P4:
HS Code 8479.89.92.00 Automated electronic component placement machines of a kind used solely or principally for the manufacture of printed circuit assemblies.

1) Pick and Place MachineCHMT560P4: 1
2) Juki nozzle: Totally 4pcs (503, 504, 505, 506 size)
3) 8G USB flash 1
4) Power Cord: 1
5) Grease: 1
6) Hex wrench: 6
7) Tweezers: 1
8) Brush: 1
9) English user manual: 1

CHMT560P4 User Manual
High Precision Motion Control System, industrial automation equipment, electronic Components SMT technology
XYZ Axis Stroke 600mm*630mm*20mm
PCB Board:10*10-400*270mm
Component Support 0402, 0603-5050, SOP, QFN, BGA
Material Support: YAMAHA CL Pneumatic Feeder
Power: AC 220V 50Hz/AC110V 60Hz
Dimension: L1180mm*W870mm*H600mm
Need External PC: With Quality Industrial PC
Power: 250W
Air Supply 0.5Mpa
Net Weight: 130kg
Nozzle: 4pcs
Mount Speed: Do not use the visual:8000cph, use visual:5500cph(cph is chip per hour)
SMT precision: 0.015mm
Material Feeding System: 60pcs feeders CL82, CL84, CL12, CL16, CL24, pre IC tray: 14pcs general IC stack, support custom IC tray, vibration feeder are available and can be purchased separately.
Controlling system: XY axis with motor for driving, Z axis with reset detection All motors with S flexbility lower or faster speed
Compatible operating Embedded Linux system
Vacuum Detection:Vacuum detection, visual detection
Visual system UP camara automatic adjust(max22mm*22mm),Down camara PCB automatic MARK adjust

CHMT560P4 is multifunction pick and place machine which can load traditional pneumatic feeders, the precision and speed are surely better than CHMT36VA or CHMT48VB benchtop type Not only because of the working principle but also for small SMT components 0201 or 0402. The pick and place machine CHMT560P4 together with T-961 reflow oven and the 3040 classic stencil printer is the cost performance SMT production line for batch production IoT or LED, etc.
CHMT560P4 SMT Production Line
The SMT production line without Pneumatic Feeders which is free shipping by FedEx or TNT to USA, Canada and West Europe countries UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy and so on.

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